Stage 01: Carnuntum - Neusiedl am See


Stage 01: Carnuntum - Neusiedl am See

Stage description

Ancient meets modern: from the Roman legionary camp Carnuntum with its museums via the gigantic Heidentor to Neusiedl am See

The Bernstein Trail starts at the visitor center of the reconstructed district in Carnuntum. You cross the car park diagonally to the start of the marked trails at the southwest end of the car park. Here do not take the path towards the amphitheatre, but continue straight on south towards Heidetor. At the next fork turn right onto a small asphalt road and after a few minutes you will reach the famous and impressive Heidentor.

Here turn left along the gravel road to the end and there turn left over the railway and the big road to the hamlet Schaffelhof. 50 m after crossing the road turn right into a dirt road and follow the signs until you reach a bigger asphalt road. Now turn right and after 30 m immediately left again into a natural path which runs on a small high water dam. Follow this until you reach a small road near Rohrau.

You cross the road and turn onto the path which takes you along or on a flood dam parallel to the Leitha to a small road at the edge of Pachfurth. There you turn left onto the small road, cross the Leitha and follow the small road until you cross the highway. About 500 m after the motorway you will come to a T-junction with freight roads. Turn right here and at the next opportunity turn right again onto a freight road. After another 400 m you turn onto another road, which - turning left at the end - takes you to the "Heidehof". In front of the farm you turn right again and soon reach the excavation site "Roman Palace", which is located on the right about 100 m off our hiking route (absolutely worth seeing!). However, the Bernstein Trail leads straight ahead, before you turn left again at the next opportunity. Now a field path leads through fields with a small left-right loop to the edge of town Parndorf.

There you turn into the first street to the right ("Feldgasse"). Continue to the end of the village and turn left into Feldgasse until you reach a larger street. After crossing the street you walk to the railway line. After the underpass turn left and after 100 m before Feldrainen turn right onto an asphalted road. Parallel to the Parndorf stream and later also parallel to the railway line, you follow the small asphalted paths, which are also used as a cycle path, to the beginning of Neusiedl am See (a motorway and an expressway will be crossed). At the beginning of Neusiedl you will find a road - which you walk straight ahead through the village until you reach the center of Neusiedl am See, your destination.

Difficulty: easy
Duration: 6 hrs 45 min
Length: 26,6 km
Ascent: 52 m
Descent: 103 m