Stage 02: Neusiedl am See - Frauenkirchen


Stage 02: Neusiedl am See - Frauenkirchen

Stage description

From the main town at Lake Neusiedl to the famous vineyards of Gols and its neighbours to the huge Basilica of Frauenkirchen

From your stage start at the main square of Neusiedl am See you follow the main road to the southeast (so you continue your walking direction from yesterday) until the Kalvarienbergstraße branches off diagonally left behind the building of the county court. Walk along this road until you see the beginning of the Calvary on the right. You climb the Calvary Way up to the Calvary Chapel - a truly beautiful chapel in an idyllic place directly above Neusiedl with a fantastic view over the village and Lake Neusiedl.

Now you hike down a badly recognizable Wiesensteig to a few houses in a short time, turn right below the three houses into a short hairpin road and follow the following path through the vineyards. Shortly before you turn left at a fork in the road, you will see a few romantic old cellars nestling against the slope.
In a left bend you turn right onto a meadow path and at the top you choose the right Güterweg. When you arrive at a road, follow it briefly in the direction of the lake and soon turn left again onto a road. At the next fork left up you follow this path through the vineyards until you reach a big road.
On the parallel road to the road turn right and cross the road over a bridge. From here you are along the "Weinweg Gols". You follow the goods tracks - taking the left path at a sharp fork - to the famous wine village of Gols.

Go straight through the village until you turn left at a big street. Go up to the end of the village and turn right into the street "Am Berg". Continue along the farm tracks through the vineyards (parallel to "Weinweg Gols") until a farm track to the left leads to a wooden lookout tower with a wonderful view of Lake Neusiedl. Directly before the lookout tower turn right parallel to the Gols wine trail through the vineyards until you see the sign for Mönchhof.

Do not enter the village here but cross the main road. Taking a right-left loop, continue straight on along the Güterweg through the vineyards to the beginning of the village of Halbturn.

Here is the area of the wonderful castle Halbturn. You enter this area through a magnificent gate and walk straight ahead through the castle complex. Behind the buildings in a right-left loop through the castle park, before you leave the area through another gate. Straight across the street you follow a kind of avenue across the main square of Halbturn and turn right at the end. Now more or less straight ahead to the end of Halbturn.

At the town sign you turn left into a goods road which leads you straight ahead through the fields. At the end of the small road turn sharp right, take the next slight right turn and reach a railway crossing on your left. You cross the railway crossing and the following big road. 50 m further on you turn left onto a gravel road. Continue straight ahead and turn slightly right at a bend until you see a bus stop at an intersection. Turn left here and continue to the outskirts of Frauenkirchen.

Cross the railway tracks and after 50 m turn left into Haydngasse. Follow it almost to the end and then turn right. Straight ahead with a short left-right turn you reach the pedestrian zone of Frauenkirchen. Continue straight on through the pedestrian zone to its end and on to a roundabout. Here you can already see your destination, the mighty and famous basilica of Frauenkirchen.

Difficulty: easy
Duration: 6 hours 45 min
Length: 26,8 km
Ascent: 84 m
Descent: 85 m