Stage 03: Frauenkirchen - Illmitz


Stage 03: Frauenkirchen - Illmitz

Stage description

Through the bird paradise of the Neusiedler See National Park - Seewinkel - also a UNESCO World Heritage Site - via the famous salt-laden Lake Neusiedlersee ("Lange Lacke") to Illmitz

From the starting point at the basilica you go to the roundabout, which you passed during the previous stage. Continue straight ahead until you turn left into Urbarialgasse. At the end of the street you choose the right street and walk - again at the end - in a left-right loop out of the village.
Soon turn right and follow a small asphalt road until you reach a larger road with a parallel cycle path. Follow this to the left until you can turn diagonally right into a farm track after about 400m. Follow this field path for some time along beautiful field margins until you come to a small asphalt road. Shortly along this road in the same direction and in a sharp left turn straight ahead into another field path. Follow it along wooded fields and turn left at a turnoff into another field path that takes you back to the small asphalt road. You walk along this more or less straight along the holiday village from the Zicksee until you reach the end of the village on the right side via a path to the main road into the village. Follow this road to the right to a roundabout, which you leave on your left. You are now on the shore promenade of the Zicksee, a pleasant resting place.

Now you walk along the beautiful promenade to the Reiheriedlung, which is bypassed on the left. You are now on a cycle path, which you follow in a left-right loop to the border of the National Park Neusiedler See - Seewinkel. Here begins the area of the Langen Lacke, a real paradise for nature and birds. From here at the latest, it is important to stay strictly on the paths.

At a crossroads you choose the path straight ahead, which takes you to Lake Neusiedlersee. Immediately before you turn right into a wonderful meadow path that takes you to a larger path. Follow the path north around the Lake until you come to a fork at the end. Turn right here and soon you will reach a larger road.
Here turn left and after 50m immediately right again into the Güterweg at the northern shore of the Warmsee (Darscho). At the next intersection, turn diagonally right and now - parallel to the Neusiedlersee cycle path - to Heidlacke. Behind the Heidlacke you must not miss the turnoff to the right into a goods road. Follow this road - turn left at a junction - until you reach a business park. Here turn right into a street and pass the business park until you reach the big street between Podersdorf and Illmitz.

You cross the road and follow the goods road into which the Lake Neusiedl cycle path soon joins from the right. With this trail you will soon see the visitor center of the Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park, where you can find out all you need to know about this unique national park.

Shortly after you reach the village of Illmitz, take the first road on the left, which will take you to one of the main roads. Via this road to the right you will soon reach the center of Illmitz, your stage destination.

Difficulty: easy
Walking time: 6 hours
Length: 24,3 km
Ascent: 2 m
Descent: 9 m