Stage 06: Sopron - Neckenmarkt


Stage 06: Sopron - Neckenmarkt

Stage description

Contrasts attract each other: from the urbanity of Sopron through the huge forest area of the Ödenburger Gebirge to the wine-growing areas of Neckenmarkt.

From the start of your stage at the Tourist Information Office on the main square in the old town of Sopron, you start to the right of the church down Kirchgasse (Templom ulica) to the end of the pedestrian zone and a green lane. Turn right and then left again at a bike crossing into Erzsébet ulica. Continue straight ahead along this road until you reach another wide green zone, which is a kind of park. Here you keep to the right (at its left edge) until Batsányi ulica branches off to the left. Follow this road over a road, railway tracks and another larger road and continue straight on until you turn left into a slightly larger road - Mikoviny ulica. At the end of the road turn right and immediately right into Városligeti ut. Now you are in the historic residential area of Sopron. You walk up the street until you turn left into "Villa sor". The next street - the Várisi ut - turn right again, cross a big street and continue to the end of the street at a turning point in front of the Superior Hotel Lover.

Now the beautiful hiking trails through the Ödenburger mountains begin. Continue straight ahead to the left of the turning point and to the left of a fence on a forest path (parallel marked with blue triangles). At a crossroads straight ahead, after some time over a meadow and a while afterwards sharply right always up to the observation tower on the Karlshöhe. Even if you have to pay the entrance fee (only possible in Forint), the view from the observation tower to Sopron is really recommendable.
We continue our way in front of the lookout tower. You walk down the small asphalt road to a barrier and a parking lot. A short round over the parking lot and at the end the small road to the left - and you are again at the "right" road. You cross this road and follow a small asphalt road for about 100 m (parallel marked with a yellow line). Now you turn diagonally right into a forest path, which you follow in a straight direction for a long time (marked parallel with yellow lines). At a crossroads continue straight ahead (from here on marked with blue lines) and walk along the hilly slopes at the same height through beautiful oak and beech woods to a small bridge. Over the bridge and behind it sharply right up to a somewhat larger forest road with benches. Here you are in the area of the cemetery of Sopron-Várhely.
On the forest road turn right and after 100 m immediately left again into a path. Follow this road (marked parallel with blue lines), after some time turn left at a fork and after 30 m you are on a small asphalt road. Follow this slightly uphill to a gravel road (the road makes a right turn there). Go straight on for a few meters and immediately after a barrier turn sharp left onto a forest road (parallel to this, marked with green and red lines).

Now the last section starts through the Ödenburger mountains directly along the Austrian-Hungarian border. Along the forest road, at a fork to the right and over a wooded hill. Behind it the forest road makes a left bend - you follow it and hike downhill for a while until you leave the forests of the Ödenburger Gebirge and meet an asphalt road. Turn right here, immediately cross the small border crossing between Hungary and Austria, turn left immediately behind and after another 10 m turn right onto a field path. At the next crossroads go straight on and now follow the road parallel to a cycle path to the Florianikapelle and on to Neckenmarkt. In Neckenmarkt turn left down to the church, your destination.

Difficulty: easy
Duration: 6 hrs
Length: 21,7 km
Ascent: 375 m
Descent: 375 m