Stage 07: Neckenmarkt - Lutzmannsburg


Stage 07: Neckenmarkt - Lutzmannsburg

Stage description

Up close: directly on the antique Roman Amber Road to Lutzmannsburg and its thermal baths.

You start at the church in Neckenmarkt and walk down the main street for a few meters to the roundabout. Turn right here towards Eisenstadt - you will soon reach the village of Horitschon, which has almost merged with Neckenmarkt. At the top of the main road, keep left and after about 200 m turn diagonally right at a distinctive intersection towards Oberpullendorf. At the end of Horitschon you turn diagonally to the right into a road that takes you through vineyards to Raiding - about 100 m after the start you can admire on your left a display desk about the Roman Amber Road.

At the main square of Raiding keep left. This road will soon make a right-left combination: instead of following the left bend, go straight on a smaller road. You leave Raiding and hike to another show desk along the Roman Amber Road. Here you turn left (parallel to cycle path R47). Follow the gravel road over a hill to the beginning of Großwarasdorf.
You go straight on until you reach a gravel road. Turn right here and at the end of Großwarasdorf after 100 m turn left again. You will reach a chapel with gravestones and another display desk. Here turn right onto the road which you leave in a slight right bend on a straight road. Follow this road until shortly before Nebersdorf.

On the road turn left towards Nebersdorf, but immediately before a water ditch turn right onto a field path. Follow this path for a longer time through a small valley (once you change to the other side of the ditch) until you reach a small asphalt road again. Via this road you will reach the village of Großmutschen on your right in a few minutes.

You turn left over the main square of the village, ascend a footpath to the church. And keep right on the upper road out of the village until you reach another show desk. To the left, a hiking trail leads to an ancient relic of the Roman Amber Road: at this point, the trail is more recognizable than anywhere else in Burgenland (additional time needed to get there and back about 15 minutes). Otherwise you continue along the road until a signpost on the right points to the right into a dirt road. You turn a small round over field paths before you reach the road again further up near Strebersdorf. Continue to the outskirts of the village.

Turn left over the bridge and immediately right onto the small cycle path, which leads you along a stream to a crossroad. Go up this road on the right and at a fork in the road up the small road with a crossway on the left. After some time, a field path branches off to the left: this continues up to a crossroads of farm tracks (you are on the wine hills above Lutzmannsburg). Here turn left along the path past an observation tower and at a marterl turn left again down the small road. You walk left downhill around a church complex above Lutzmannsburg and cross the brook on the left over a bridge. Now all you have to do is walk straight ahead to reach your destination, the church in the center of Lutzmannsburg.

Difficulty: easy
Duration: 6 hrs 45 min
Length: 26,8 km
Ascent: 196 m
Descent: 215 m