Stage 09: Köszeg - Rechnitz


Stage 09: Köszeg - Rechnitz

Stage description

Through the Írottkö - Geschriebenstein Nature Park and over the mountain of the same name, the highest peak in Burgenland, to Rechnitz.

Attention: All the way up to the summit of the Geschriebenstein, this stage is identical to the Alpannonia® long-distance trail and as such is signed with red markings alongside the Bernstein Trail.

From Jurisics Square, your stage start in the center of the old town of Köszeg, take Rajnis ulica and walk left past the Gothic-Baroque church of St. Jacob to the north. At the end of the road turn left into Várkör, which you follow in a left turn until you can turn right into Hunyadi János ulica. Follow the road until, after a sharp left turn, it becomes Park ulica (here you will find the István Bechtold Visitor Centre, Köszeg). At the next intersection turn right into Temető ulica and then right again into Hermina ulica. Now you have reached the end of Köszeg and the street is getting narrower. Follow the signs and markings through sparsely populated areas until the terrain becomes steeper. Now you follow the serpentines of a steeper road uphill to some houses in the forest. At the end of the houses you leave the road and walk along a forest path following the signs uphill to the ruin Óház-tető and the observation tower next to it.

Beyond about 100 m on forest paths down into a small valley and then on the left again about 100 m on hiking trails. You cross into a saddle south of the Lagerberg. Now on forest paths on the other side about 100m down into a small valley and follow the path through the small valley slightly uphill.
Now the 400 m high final ascent to the Geschriebenstein begins, past the "Steirerhäuser" and the Hörmann spring. From the source, the path runs along a wooded ridge, which ends at the summit of the Geschriebenstein with its viewing tower.

Now you walk back a few meters on the hiking trail until you reach a crossroads. Here you turn right (to the south) and follow the hiking trail along a wooded ridge downhill for about 300m until you reach a forest road. Shortly after that you choose the forest road, which brings you to the right side of a ditch. At first you walk slightly uphill around the small peak Kalapos-kő on its western side and continue to descend to the south until you reach the road leading from Boszok to Rechnitz. Here you keep right on the road, cross the border from Hungary to Austria and follow the road for about 3 km to the center of the little town Rechnitz.

Difficulty: medium
Duration: 7 hrs 15 min
Length: 23,0 km
Ascent: 885 m
Descent: 816 m