Stage 10: Rechnitz - Deutsch Schützen-Bergen


Stage 10: Rechnitz - Deutsch Schützen-Bergen

Stage description

At first beautiful field paths, then idyllic vineyards on the way to the Nature Park with the matching name "Weinidylle".

You start your stage from Rechnitz to Deutsch Schützen-Bergen at the church in the center of Rechnitz. From there you walk a few meters down to the crossroads and turn right towards Markt Neuhodis. Shortly before the end of the village you turn diagonally left into an asphalted road ("Prangerweg"). At the last houses turn right and immediately left again into a field path. Now through fields up to a fieldrain and immediately behind it to the left into another field path. You hike along this path from nice field margins to its end and then to the right. Continue along field paths to the left at the next crossroads, then to the right and then again to the left and continue until you reach the underpass of the main road - you have successfully completed the field path labyrinth of the first section. But don't worry: the signs will guide you through. Walk under the underpass, follow the small road to the right and follow the road until you reach the small village of Dürnbach.

Turn left at the church and continue until you reach a larger road at the end of the village. Turn right here and after 150 m turn left again into a goods road. The road will soon become a field path, which you will hike along the woods - however, at the first small bridge you must not forget to change to the left side of the field. This will take you to a smaller asphalt road (leading from Schandorf to Hannersdorf), which you follow uphill to the right for about 200m. Now turn left into another field path and follow it - with a small right-left turn straight ahead until you reach a large road just before Burg. Here turn diagonally right onto the big road and after about 300 m turn right into the village of Burg.
Parallel to the main road turn left through the village and follow the paved road up to the main road. Now about 400 m uphill along the road until a forest road branches off to the left in a long right-hand bend. Follow this road uphill - don't miss a turn-off to the left - through beautiful oak forests to the mountain road to Eisenberg. Follow this road uphill to the left until you reach the highest point of Eisenberg and the wine growing hamlet.

At the fork in the road you choose the left road (on the right you would go if you wanted to take the shortcut) and hike very scenic along the hill through the very beautiful wine-growing hamlet. Just behind a viewing platform on the right, the road bends to the left: Here you walk down the small asphalt road to the right and turn right at the next opportunity onto another small asphalt road. Follow this road parallel to the hill until you reach the main road. Turn left here and after 250 m turn right again before a football pitch.
Follow this small asphalt road - at a fork in the road, going straight ahead - slightly uphill until you reach the main road again. Cross the road and walk along the gravel path until you reach the main road again. Here 20 m turn right and immediately left again into the small road in the direction of Badersdorf. [If you have chosen the shortcut mentioned above, you will reach the main road further up, turn left onto it and you will find yourself at the same point as now].

30 m after the crossing turn left into a forest path and walk along it until you reach the chapel of Hoch-Tschaterberg. Now take the small asphalt road down through an idyllic wine-growing landscape, at a fork turn right into another asphalt road. You pass a bridge and a left turn. In the next right bend you walk straight ahead on a gravel road and turn left at a fork onto another forest road. During the walk through the forest you must not miss a turn-off to the left onto another forest road (parallel to this blue-yellow marbling). You hike through a right turn and up the hill. Turn left at the fork, then diagonally right and continue along the forest path until you come out of the forest and stand in front of the first houses of Deutsch Schützen-Bergen.
Now descend diagonally to the right and turn left at a fork in the road until you have reached the "Zentrum des Weilers Deutsch Schützen-Bergen", your stage destination.

Difficulty: easy
Duration: 7 hrs (if using the shortcut: 6 hrs 30 min)
Length: 26,4 km (using the shortcut 24,5 km)
Ascent: 310 m (using the shortcut 231 m)
Descent: 387 m (using the shortcut 309 m)