Stage 11: Deutsch Schützen-Bergen - Heiligenbrunn


Stage 11: Deutsch Schützen-Bergen - Heiligenbrunn

Stage description

In the sign of the nature park Weinidylle: Through the lovely hilly landscape of the nature park past cellar lanes to the most famous cellar lane in Heiligenbrunn.

From your stage start in Deutsch Schützen-Bergen on the way of the previous stage up to a fork in the road. Here you choose the gravel path on the left through a ditch to reach another small road. Up this road on the right until you are standing in a vineyard after a small right-left combination. Continue up the vineyard and at the upper end of the vineyard take a field path to the left. Follow this until you turn right into a forest path at the highest point. From here you walk straight on for a longer time through very beautiful oak woods until you reach a left-right combination. You reach a meadow, at the right edge of which you walk to a small asphalt road. Turn right here and then left within sight of the church of St. Kathrein until you reach a small pedestrian bridge very close to the village that crosses a ditch. Over this bridge and the following meadow to St. Kathrein.
Turn left on the road and after 50 m turn into a small street in front of the church. Follow this road past the church on the right and follow the very nice little road uphill through an avenue to the Magdalenen chapel visible from below. In front of the chapel, take the forest road on the left, which soon leads into the forest and leads you to a small asphalt road. Here turn right uphill and at the crossroads turn left onto another small asphalt road, which you follow above the small hamlet of Edlitzer Bergen and straight ahead at the next crossroads.

Slightly uphill you come to a left turn, where you turn right at a marterl onto an asphalted road. Immediately after the first old house turn left and follow the asphalted road until you reach a slightly larger road just before the Wintner mountain chapel. Turn right here, pass the chapel and follow the road slightly downhill for a while. After a long left turn, turn sharp right into a small asphalt road, which you follow uphill for 500m. Now turn left into a forest road, which soon turns into a field path. The path leads through meadows and then through woods along a slightly distinctive hill and becomes more and more pristine. After a while you come back to the vineyards and reach a small asphalted road. Turn left here and then right again at the next junction down to the larger road, which always leads along the Kellerstöckl. Follow this road along Kellerstöckl to the right, turn right again at a crossroads and you will soon see the pilgrimage church of Maria Weinberg on the upper right. Below the church - behind a beautiful covered sitting area - turn right into the small street leading up to the pilgrimage church. After 50 m you take the beautiful footpath on the left which leads you up to the pilgrimage church Maria Weinberg.
Passing the church on the left you reach the small road again, which leads in a round track around the church. Follow this road to the left and back down again to the larger road. You follow the road for about 200 m to the right and turn into a weak right-hand bend in a straight field path. Follow this dirt road with a left and right bend until you are in front of the outdoor pool area. Turn left onto a road and follow it to the right again to the larger Kellerstöckl-Straße. Now you follow this road past many beautiful cellars to the wine and open-air museum Moschendorf.

At the junction behind the wine museum, keep right and follow the cycle path through the Moschendorf forest, which runs parallel to the road towards Güssing. In a long left-hand bend, a goods road branches off straight ahead. This road takes you, with two branches to the left, to a large roundabout. You cross the roundabout (take the second exit) and turn right at the next crossing. After 100 m turn left again, then right again at the crossroads (a cycle path also uses the goods roads), and continue straight on through fields along the asphalted goods roads to Heiligenbrunn, your destination for the stage.

Difficulty: easy
Duration: 6 hrs 30 min
Length: 25,1 km
Ascent: 240 m
Descent: 297 m