Stage 12: Heiligenbrunn - Eltendorf


Stage 12: Heiligenbrunn - Eltendorf

Stage description

From the Kellergasse Heiligenbrunn via the imposing castle of Güssing to the Uhudlerviertel of Eltendorf: Southern Burgenland at its best!

You start in the center of Heiligenbrunn at the intersection in front of the Hotel Restaurant Krutzler. Follow the road up until just before a sharp left turn the beautiful Kellergasse full of historic cellars branches off to the right. Walk through it to the end (also the end of Heiligenbrunn) and then turn left onto the larger road. Continue in the direction of Strem (keep right if in doubt) until you turn left after the first bridge over the river Strem into the path along the banks. Follow this path to the beginning of the town of Güssing (whose imposing castle you always have in view) - once at Glasing on the left riverside and then shortly before Güssing changing to the right again.

Here, at an underpass, a path branches off diagonally to the right uphill, over which you reach a larger road. Follow the road for 100 m and you will find yourself at the beginning of the old town of Güssing. In a right-hand bend, the climb to the castle begins straight ahead, enthroned on a hill above you. You go up this hill to the half, where the descent from the castle hill starts to the left. However, it is definitely worth going all the way up to the castle hill to the actual castle before you start the descent.

When you reach the bottom again, keep right at the crossroads and after about 100 m turn right towards Güssinger fishpond onto a footpath. Immediately afterwards, however, turn left onto a meadow path that runs between houses and a pond and at the end takes you back to a smaller residential street. Follow this road to the right until the road turns into a dirt road (parallel to this it is signposted as "Ramsar Rundweg"). Walk along the field path and at its end turn left onto a small asphalt road. In the next left bend you turn onto a forest road leading uphill and reach the small hamlet of Rosenberg.

In Rosenberg at the crossing turn right into the small asphalt road. This soon becomes a beautiful forest path, which you follow for a while through a pleasant forest over a slight ridge (at the same time signposted first as "Hiking Path Neustift - Rosenberg" and then as "Forest and Meadow Hiking Path"). After a last section on a not so distinctive forest path you reach the Uhudlerviertel.

Turn right to the information stand and keep right there. Now follow the road below the beautiful Kellerstöckl and turn left onto the small road downhill. At the bottom right on a small road, before you immediately turn left again on a dirt road along a small valley with a brook (parallel to this you will find the sign "Uhudler Kunstwanderweg Teil 2"; if you also wwant to visit the church "Zahling", don't turn left on the field path, but go straight ahead - see *).
The field path along the little valley takes you to a small asphalt road, which - you turn right - takes you to the main road in Eltendorf. Here turn left to the information desk at a square in the center of Eltendorf - your destination has been reached!

*If you are still motovated at the end of the stage, you can make a detour to the church of Zahling: At the point marked above, go straight ahead on a small road and soon after a small bridge turn right to a pond. Turn right around the pond, left at the end and right again at the small road. A sharp left bend up and in the next left bend right over a field path up to another small road. Turn left here and after 50 m turn right again at the houses. Follow this small road to the left until it soon turns into a meadow path. After descending along the meadow path you will soon find yourself in front of the Zahling church. The way back follows the same path until you can walk to Eltendorf as described above (additional time needed is about one hour).

Difficulty: easy
Duration: 6 hrs 30 min (with detour to church Zahling 7 hrs 30 min)
Length: 25,3 km (with detour to Zahling church 28,3 km)
Ascent: 212 m (with detour to church Zahling 307 m)
Descent: 182 m (with side trip to church Zahling 275 m)