Stage 13: Eltendorf - St. Martin an der Raab


Stage 13: Eltendorf - St. Martin an der Raab

Stage description

Final chord: through the hilly apple-growing regions around Krobotek and the pilgrimage church of Maria Bild to the destination of the Bernstein Trail, the Roman graves near St. Martin an der Raab.

The start of this stage is the information hiking board in the center of Eltendorf. You cross the bridge over the stream, turn left immediately and walk (west of the stream) to the main road. On the other side turn into a small road, which immediately becomes a field path. You walk until from the left another dirt road joins you at the end of which you meet a small asphalt road. Turn right and after crossing the Lafnitz turn right onto the gravel path along the shore to the Lafnitz river. You walk this path straight on for quite a while until it becomes a small asphalt road at a fork with a wooden bridge. Turn left at the fork and follow the small asphalt road in a large left-hand bend - always keeping left at larger junctions - until an inconspicuous forest path leads sharply uphill to the right in a wooded area. Follow this road, turn left at a fork and continue through the forest at the same level until you reach a small asphalt road at the beginning of Rosendorf. Not into the village, but to the right the road and after 100 m to the left at a fork in the road. After another 50 m you leave the small asphalt road to the right and follow the field path uphill until you reach the village road in the hamlet of Krobotek near an old house.
Turn left briefly along the road and sharply right behind the fire brigade. Immediately follow the Güterweg Buchgraben down to the left until you reach a small asphalt road at the bottom. Turn right there and after 50 m turn right again at the crossroads. Now you choose the right one of the two hiking trails ("Engelweg"), which takes you along the Saubach to a small road. Follow this road to the left for about 100 m and then turn left again into a forest path that leads you to a road just before the pilgrimage church Maria Bild. Follow this road to the right for a few meters until you reach the church.

Now you turn left in front of the church and behind the church again right down past the Gasthof Janitschek. Go straight ahead and take a small road down to the left, which immediately becomes a field path. In front of an old agricultural building the path branches: You choose the right field path and follow it uphill through fields until you come to a small asphalt road. Follow it down to the left for a while until a slightly larger road crosses it. You cross this road, follow the forest road for about 200 m, turn right at some houses and reach the village Weichselbaum.

Turn left at the main road and after about 80 m turn right again into an asphalted road. Immediately after a level crossing, take the gravel road to the right and follow it parallel to the railway until you reach a small asphalt road. Follow this road, which is also a cycle path, to the left and continue for a while until you reach a large road between Neumarkt and Jennersdorf. On the opposite side you follow the gravel road along the Raab until you reach a pedestrian bridge and change to the other side of the river.
Now go straight on for about 100 m, turn right at the next fork and you will reach the start of the "Römerweg" (Roman Trail), which has information boards with all kinds of interesting facts about Roman times in Burgenland. This is the perfect final piecework for the Bernstein Trail: You follow the Römerweg first parallel to the Raab to the west and then follow the signs to the left to St. Martin an der Raab until you reach the Dorfstraße. Follow the village road to the left through St. Martin an der Raab and out of the village again. Shortly after the village, you will see the well-prepared Roman burial mounds on the left side of the road, your stage finish. At the same time you are at the destination of the whole Bernstein Trail!

Difficulty: easy
Duration: 6 hrs
Length: 22,1 km
Ascent: 218 m
Descent: 191 m