Stage 03: Nötsch - Dobratsch Gipfelhaus


Stage 03: Nötsch - Dobratsch Gipfelhaus

Stage description

A room with a view: your overnight stay on the peak of the Dobratsch marks the highlight of this glorious summit trek

Starting at the railway station in Nötsch, you walk along (right/east of) the Nötsch River, always following the markings and continuously heading north. Where the small road takes a tight turn to the right, you see a marked hiking path (No. 296) forking off to the left, which winds its way up through a sparse forest to the ‘Nötscher Berg’ mountain. Simply follow this path until it joins a forest road above Hermsberg, which takes you further up the mountain. It won’t be long before you spot the first signposts to the ‘Dobratsch-Gipfel’ (Dobratsch summit). Soon, these markings lead you off the forest road and onto a beautiful, moderately steep footpath. At an altitude of around 1200 metres, you reach a crossroads – an alternative path from Bleiberg-Kreuth (via the so-called ‘Tor’) joins your route from the left. From hereon in, the trail becomes noticeably steeper, taking you uphill along a ridge. At an altitude of around 1500 m, you traverse the mountain slope to the right. Having climbed over a fence stile, you follow the path as it winds its way up through a gorgeous, light-flooded larch tree forest. Shortly after navigating a section of dwarf pine forest, you traverse the slope to the right (south-easterly direction) until you reach the so-called ‘Kuhriegel’ ridge, which finally takes you to the summit (the altitude gain of this last stretch is around 180 metres) – where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Julian Alps to the south, the main ridge of the Carnic Alps to the west, the Ankogel and Kreuzeck mountain ranges to the north, as well as Villach, Lake Ossiach, the Klagenfurt basin, and the Karawanken mountains to the east. If you cross over the summit, it’s just a 3-minute descent to the ‘Gipfelhaus Dobratsch’ Summit Lodge.

Level of difficulty: medium
Duration: 5 hours 30 min
Distance: 8.3 km
Ascent: 1603 m
Descent: 25 m