Stage 03: Heßhütte - Ennstaler Hütte


Stage 03: Heßhütte - Ennstaler Hütte

Stage description

Wild waters: along the wild and romantic Hartelsgraben and the Enns to the oldest refuge in the Gesäuse

From the Hesshütte you go approx. 300m south along yesterday's path back to the signposted junction at Gamsbrunn and then left up to the Sulzkarhund. From the edge of the Sulzkarhund you can clearly see the descent into the Sulzkar in front of you and go down to the Almenboden - here you experience the Gesäuse "off the beaten track". You leave the lake on your right and soon reach the alpine huts. Continue along the marked path to the forest road and along this road - following the signs - through a forest to a hunting lodge. Here you choose the old forest road into the wildly romantic Hartelsgraben. The path runs straight down through the Hartelsgraben, accompanied by the ever-increasing river and numerous smaller waterfalls. Shortly after the railway crossing you reach the Hartelsgraben car park.

From here you walk for about 30 minutes along the road to the right (east) towards Hieflau (beware of busy traffic), until a hiking trail (forest road) branches off to the left (at KM 109,3 just before the road crosses the Enns). Follow this path along the Enns - at the junction, turn left and follow the markings of the hiking path (path no. 648). Now the trail climbs slightly through the forest, crossing the road again and again, which winds its way up in serpentines. At Kühmairboden (1.191m) you reach a junction where you turn left and hike along the forest path (path no. 642) almost even to Hochscheibenalm (1.189m). Now you orientate yourself to the right and it leads steadily uphill below the Tamischbachturm (2.035m) on a path (path no. 642) through the forest and over open areas up to the Ennstaler Hütte.
On this hut's terrace you feel like you are on a box seat due to the location directly on the ridge between the Tamischbachturm and the rocky summit of Kleiner Buchstein. Opposite you can see the wild and rugged north side of the Hochtorgruppe and to the north the view extends far into the Alpine foothills.

Difficulty: medium
Duration: 7 hrs 15 min
Length: 18,9 km
Ascent: 1.230m
Descent: 1.383m