Stage 04: From Admont to the Klinkehütte mountain hostel


Stage 04: From Admont to the Klinkehütte mountain hostel

Stage description

Back to Nature: Via the Scheiblegger high-alpine pasture to the sunny south-side of the Gesäuse National Park

Starting out from the centre of Admont, you head South, walking past the Abbey and over the railroad crossing. Take the first turning to the left (direction: East). At the crossroads, keep right (direction: South; road name: Oberhofweg). For this next stretch, you simply follow the frequently marked hiking route no. 601. This will lead you along a tree-lined road, across open grasslands (towards ‘Kematen’), and finally to the densely forested Kematengraben valley. A hiking trail (which crosses several forest roads) takes you to the Steinerner Wirt spring, located at the base of the Hahnsteinkante ridge. Now the route starts to be characterised by increasingly stunning views, taking you first through fields of creeping pine, and finally to the picturesque ‘Scheiblegger Hochalm’ high-alpine pasture (1660 m). Take care to avoid the Jägersteig trail (direction: South-East): even though it does lead straight to the Klinkehütte mountain hostel, it is very challenging in places and generally exceeds the skill level stipulated for the Luchs Trail. Instead, opt for the small, marked, south-bound path leading down to the Kaiserau basin. After a steady descent, you will have reached the upper end of this lovely high-alpine valley, finding yourself at an altitude of 1220 m. Next, you head east, following an ascending hiking trail (which crosses the toll road leading to the Klinkhütte) for around one hour, until you reach the Klinkehütte mountain hostel – your destination for the day.

Difficulty: medium
Time: 4 hrs.
Distance: 8.7 km
Ascent: 1294 m
Descent: 450 m