Stage 05: From the Klinkehütte mountain hostel to the village of Johnsbach


Stage 05: From the Klinkehütte mountain hostel to the village of Johnsbach

Stage description

Broaden your perspective: Hiking to the mountaineering village of Johnsbach whilst enjoying spectacular views of the rugged Gesäuse mountains

From the Klinkehütte mountain hostel, it’s only a few minutes’ walk up to the Kalblinggatterl saddle, before you embark on the two-hour hike to the Mödlinger Hütte mountain hostel. Simply follow the markings (hiking paths no. 01 and 08) as you head down to the idyllic Flitzenalm pasture, where you are treated to a fantastic view of the majestic Admonter Reichenstein (2251 m). This mountain was long thought to be impossible to climb, until a group of pioneers set out from the Flitzenalm in 1873, reaching the summit via the mountain’s rugged south-face. From the Hintere Flitzenalm cabin, the route alternates between footpaths and forest roads, until you arrive at the Mödlinger Hütte mountain hostel (1523 m): its extraordinary position on the crest of the Treffneralm pastures opens up glorious panoramic views of the Ödstein, Admonter Reichenstein and Sparafeld summits. After a stop-over, you follow trail no. 601/608 (heading South-East), and it won’t be long before you have reached the summit cross of the Spielkogel (1731 m). From there, you traverse the ridge to the Anhartskogel (1764 m) and then the Niederberg. Now keep a lookout to your left for a sign to ‘Johnsbach, Weg Nr. 675’, which takes you down to the former Wölgeralm cabin. Take care not to lose your trail in the open grassland terrain.

Having passed the cabin, keep to the left (in other words, west) of the stream that runs through the Sebringgraben valley. Please be aware that after a downpour, this path can be slightly slippery. Next you traverse the Wolfsbacher-Niederalm pasture, walking past the cabin and continuing on a footpath to the left of the river, into an ancient mountain forest. Eventually the path leads to a forest road, which you follow to the famous alpine club mountaineering village of Johnsbach.

Level of difficulty: medium
Hiking time: 5 hrs 15 min
Distance: 14.1 km
Ascent: 758 m
Descent: 1450 m