Stage 07: from Gstatterboden to Mooslandl


Stage 07: from Gstatterboden to Mooslandl

Stage description

Onward and upward: Traversing the northern Gesäuse mountains via the Ennstaler Hütte mountain hostel

The 1000-metre ascent to the Ennstaler Hütte mountain hostel starts directly in Gstatterboden. Having passed the village’s Hubertus Chapel, you navigate the 1-hour ascent to a convergence of hiking paths locally known as the ‘Krois`n’. Take the left-hand trail (No. 646/608), which takes you via the Hörantalm pasture and Butterbründl spring to the ‘Landlereck’ junction, situated atop a ridge just below the Ennstaler Hütte. One of the region’s oldest alpine shelters, this welcoming mountain hostel offers fantastic views of the surrounding mountains – including the Hochtor range, whose impressive summits look almost like a neat row of pearls. After a stop-over at the mountain, you return to the Landlereck junction, from where you start on a steep descent towards Bärensattel/Erb/Hackenschmied/Landl. On the Bärensattel pass, the route forks off towards Hackenschmied and Landl (Path No. 646), taking you through an untouched beech forest. When the trail joins a forest road, you follow it until you reach the main road. Turn right in front of a large white house (known as ‘Hackenschmiede’), and look out for a small, wooden signpost towards Landl. You walk up the initially steep gravel road, until the first houses of Landl come into view. Walk past the village church, leave the butcher’s shop (‘Fleischerei Pfeiler’) to your right, and then turn right into ‘Hartlstraße’ Road, which you follow all the way to the Eisen main road. After around 500 m, you get to a bus stop, where you cross the main road and follow the sign for ‘Hauptkraftwerk Landl’. This road will take you downhill, across the Enns Bridge, and finally – having crossed over the railway tracks – uphill again. At the first right-hand bend, you keep right and follow the L744 road for around one kilometre, until you have reached the village of Mooslandl. Turn right onto the main street, and you will see the Mooswirt Inn – your destination for the day.

Level of difficulty: medium
Hiking time: 6 hrs 30 min
Distance: 17.9 km
Ascent: 1137 m
Descent: 1230 m