Stage 03: Baumgartnerhöhe - Bertahütte


Stage 03: Baumgartnerhöhe - Bertahütte

Stage description

From hut to hut through wild ditches and on gentle sunny plains

ATTENTION: The original route of the Panoramaweg Südalpen has some difficult passages in the area between the dilapidated Annahütte and the Mittagskogel, which can be classified as a black hiking trail. For this reason, an easier alternative route is described here, which leads via the hut access path to the Bertahütte. The alternative route is continuously marked, but is not signposted as Panoramaweg Südalpen.

Starting at the car park at the Baumgartnerhof, follow the signpost "ehem. Annahütte" eastwards slightly downhill to the Rotschitzabach, cross it over a wooden bridge, continue on a short steep climb and then along the same contour line until you reach a road. Here the original route of the Panoramaweg Southern Alps leads to the right (south) - but you turn left here and soon reach an asphalt road. Follow this road (also marked as "603") to the right until you reach Gasthof Martinihof.
Here you turn right into a forest road and hike up this road for a while until you reach a marked hiking trail in the second right-hand bend. Via this path you will reach the access road to the Berta Hütte, which is not accessible by car - at last along the Worounitzabach. You follow the road (marked as "603" and Kärntner Grenzweg) uphill to the Bertahütte, whereby you mostly take marked shortcuts parallel to the road, especially in the upper part of the ascent.

If you still feel not fully occupied after this short stage, you can climb the Mittagskogel summit from the Bertahütte via the regular route. This hiking section is also the last section of the original route of the Panoramaweg Südalpen (additional time needed for the trip is about 3 hrs 30 min).

[Information about the original route of this stage can be found here: It is not promoted here and is only suitable for experienced, absolutely sure-footed and vertigo-free hikers on their own responsibility and at their own risk].

Difficulty: simple
Duration: 3 hrs 15 min
Distance: 8,3 km
Ascent: 765 m
Descent: 152 m