Stage 04: Berta Hütte - Koča na Golici (Kahlkogelhütte)


Stage 04: Berta Hütte - Koča na Golici (Kahlkogelhütte)

Stage description

From hut to hut through wild ditches and on gentle sunny plains

ATTENTION: The original route of the Panoramaweg Südalpen has some difficult passages in the area between the Mittagskogel and the Rosenbachsattel, which can be classified as a black hiking trail. For this reason, an easier alternative route is described here, which joins the original Panoramaweg Südalpen at the Rosenbachsattel. The alternative route is continuously marked, but is not signposted as Panoramaweg Südalpen.

From the Bertahütte you follow the hiking trail south towards the Mittagskogel until you reach a crossroads. Here the original Panoramaweg Südalpen leads straight uphill along the path to the Mittagskogel. Turn left and walk down the forest road ("603" or Carinthian border path) into the Gratschenitzengraben. In between you change to a path directly in the ditch before you meet another forest road which takes you further down through the ditch.
At the Bärental hydroelectric power station you will come across the striking Bärengraben, which leads south from Rosenbach. Here you turn right onto the forest road which takes you uphill towards Rosenbachsattel (you are now on the original route of the Panoramaweg Südalpen). The forest road is shortened on the marked trail 678A/603A. Past the private Rosenkogel hut you reach the Rosenbachsattel (1.587 m) and thus again the "new" route of the Panoramaweg Südalpen, which joins from the west.
Now you follow the marked path in northeastern direction. You will bypass the Hahnkogel (1.753 m) and climb first over alpine meadows, later through beech forest down to the Eckelesattel (1.488 m). Now in an easterly direction along the path located exactly on the border between forest and alpine lawn, which finally leads directly to the Kahlkogelhütte (Koča na Golici, 1.582 m), your stage destination.

[Information about the original route of this stage can be found here: It is not promoted here and is only suitable for experienced, absolutely sure-footed and vertigo-free hikers on their own responsibility and at their own risk].

Difficulty: medium
Duration: 7 hrs
Distance: 19,7 km
Ascent: 1.126 m
Descent: 1.068 m