Stage 05: Koča na Golici - Klagenfurter Hütte


Stage 05: Koča na Golici - Klagenfurter Hütte

Stage description

As far as the eye can see: always with great views on the summit ridge and over the highest peak of the Karawanken (Hochstuhl) to the Klagenfurter Hütte

From the Kahlkogelhütte (Koča na Golici) you hike along the Wiesensteig to the Maria Elend Sattel (Sedlo Suha, 1.438 m). Continue to the Kotschnasattel (Sedlo Kočna, 1.469 m). Now you cross on the south side of the Bärentaler Kotschna, you pass the "Belska Planina" and reach the Bärensattel (1.698 m) via a cart path. In a wide arc you reach the southern slopes below Weinasch (2.104 m). The path leads at a constant height past the Weinasch saddle (1.972 m) until you reach the summit of the Hochstuhl (2.236 m).
The Preschernhütte (Prešernova Koča, 2.174 m) invites you to rest on the summit just south of the peak. From the summit 50 m into the hollow south of the peak and shortly to the east to the crest above the Slovenian Hochstuhlkar, a gravel ridge steep up to 35°. Left through this on a marked gravel path downwards (partly secured by a few steel cables), then first crossing under the Klagenfurt peak and then briefly ascending into a ditch, across the Gamsgrube to the Bielschitzasattel (1.840 m). From here you descend further north to the Klagenfurter Hütte (1.664 m).

Difficulty: medium
Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 16,1 km
Ascent: 950 m
Descent: 861 m