Stage 07: Gasthof Deutscher Peter - Koschutahaus


Stage 07: Gasthof Deutscher Peter - Koschutahaus

Stage description

Through lonely valleys and forests to the Koschutahaus directly below the rugged Koschuta

ATTENTION: Since the original route of the Panoramaweg Südalpen between Pischenzasattel and Koschutahaus has a difficult (black marked) passage secured with steel rope, which requires absolute surefootedness and a vertigo-free attitude, an easier alternative route is described here from Male in Zell-Oberwinkel. This is marked from Male on, but is not signposted as Panoramaweg Südalpen.

From GH Deutscher Peter a few minutes up the main road until a marked hiking trail branches off to the left (marker "603"). Continue uphill - the cart track soon becomes a hiking trail - until you reach a forest road, from here trail mark 639. Turn right briefly, then again on a hiking trail (always following the markings) to the Eselsattel (1.175m). On the other side down to the former estate "Franzbauer". Between the houses downhill on a marked path to the road and follow this to the former Male inn and the Mlečnik saw. Shortly behind it (at a signpost) the difficult original route of the Southern Alps Panorama Trail branches off to the right onto a hiking trail - but you continue straight on the asphalt road, which takes you through a ditch slightly downhill to the country road from Ferlach to Zell-Pfarre.
You turn right onto the main road and follow it uphill for about 20 min (1,3 km, please pay attention to the traffic). Before you reach a bridge you leave the state road to the left (signpost) and soon afterwards you choose the right path between two wooden bridges (marked hiking trail), which brings you uphill to Zell-Pfarre.
At the first houses you follow the asphalt road for a short while and soon turn sharp right into the small toll road that leads to the Koschutahaus. You follow this road - partly on marked shortcuts - until you reach the Koschutahaus, your stage destination.

[Information about the original route of this stage can be found here: This is not promoted here and is only suitable for experienced, absolutely sure-footed and vertigo-free hikers on their own responsibility and at their own risk].

Difficulty: medium
Duration: 6 hrs
Distance: 16,0 km
Ascent: 1.175 m
Descent: 608 m