Stage 08: Koschutahaus - Gasthaus Terklbauer


Stage 08: Koschutahaus - Gasthaus Terklbauer

Stage description

Impressive close-up views: along the rugged northern side of the Koschuta to the Schaida saddle and down to Zell-Terkl

Just south of the Koschutahaus, the trail begins in the direction of "Koschutnikturm/Lärchenturm/KGW". Continue uphill through a beautiful forest - leaving the turnoff to the larch tower on the right - in 30 min to the Meiniksattel (1.484m).
Follow the signs "KGW" to the right up to the gravel field below the Koschutniurm. At its lower end you cross the gravel field on a path to the small Wiltze-Scharte between the Koschutnikturm and the small peak "Wiltzespitze" (about 1.720m; Attention: 10 m behind the sign do not follow the arrow up, but continue straight ahead in direction of the marking "Ost").
Afterwards, it is a bit difficult to walk across the impressive scree giants (be careful in some places when there is snow), partly very close to the huge rock faces of the Dicken Koschuta (Tolsta Košuta), always following the markings "KGW/Potoksattel" until you reach the last rocks. Now descend through forest terrain to a fork in the trail. Here straight on to the Potoksattel (1.411m; until here about 3hrs).
Partially exposed (always in the direction of "Ghf. Franzl/KGW") on a steep path in the forest just below the tops of the Kalischnikturm and Reschounikturm (wooded small rugged peaks). Between these two peaks a path leads down to the left (signpost "Schaidasattel"). Follow this narrow path down through beautiful but steep forest to the chapel in the Meleschniksattel "Sedelce". Continue on the forest road for about 250 m until a path with wooden railings leads up to the right. Follow this path for a few meters and then follow a beautiful hiking trail downhill - past the Pamenutius chapel - to the Schaida Sattel. From here you descend on the asphalt road in 45 min to Zell-Terkl to the GH Terklbauer.

Shorter option: At the Potoksattel, turn left and descend north down to the forest road, follow this road, keeping right after the barrier at the crossroads, outwards along the Koschutniktal valley, past the sports arena and on an asphalt road to the Terklbauer Inn.

Difficulty: medium
Duration: 5 hrs
Distance: 11,9 km
Ascent: 762 m
Descent: 1.182 m