Luchs Trail

Luchs Trail

Hiking in the Wild Heart of Austria

  • Austria
  • Long-distance hiking


Stage 01: From the village of Reichraming to the Anlaufalm mountain hostel

Stage 02: From the Anlaufalm to the Laussabaueralm mountain hostel

Stage 03: From the Laussabaueralm mountain hostel to Admont

Stage 04: From Admont to the Klinkehütte mountain hostel

Stage 05: From the Klinkehütte mountain hostel to the village of Johnsbach

Stage 06: from Johnsbach to Gstatterboden

Stage 07: from Gstatterboden to Mooslandl

Stage 08: from Mooslandl to Palfau

Stage 09: from Palfau to Lassing

Stage 10: from Lassing to Göstling

Stage 11: Göstling – Seehof bei Lunz am See